Student working on a research project.

Multi-physics Network Simulation Platform For Wireless Plasmonic Communication Systems

Nanotechnology is providing a new set of tools to the engineering community to design and manufacture nanoscale components with unprecedented functionalities. The integration of several of these nano-components into a single device will enable the development of advanced nanomachines. Nanonetworks, i.e., networks of nanomachines, will enable a plethora of applications in the biomedical, environmental, industrial and military fields. These applications range from intra-body wireless nanosensor networks for advanced health monitoring systems to terabit wireless network-on-chip for ultra-high-performance computer architectures. The objective of this research opportunity is the development and documentation of a multi-physics simulation platform, which will be used to emulate the behavior of nanonetworks with perfect physics accuracy. This will require the software implementation of novel plasmonic nano-transceivers and nano-antennas; Terahertz Band, Infrared and Visible channel models, and novel communication schemes and networking protocols. The platform will be based on COMSOL Multi-physics and Matlab, and will make intensive use of the Center for Computational Research (CCR) at UB. The developed platform will be used to validate and refine the theoretical results and will guide the experimental implementation of nanonetworks.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering
Student Skill-Set Needed: Background knowledge on wireless communications, electromagnetism, programming experience (Matlab and COMSOL knowledge preferred but not mandatory)
Compensation: Academic Credit, Volunteer
Available: Fall, Spring


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Josep Miquel Jornet
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Electrical Engineering
Office: 209 Davis Hall
Phone: 7166451607