Student working on a research project.

Development Of A Nano Material As A Bone Regenerative System For The Oral Cavity

Our laboratory is in the process of developing a material, nano calcium sulfate that can be used to enhance bone regeneration at defects in the jaw bones of humans. We have fabricated a calcium sulfate material that has nanosized particles and thus appears to offer more optimal surface area for the attachment of bone cells so that the bone repair process could start where the material is placed in the jaw bones. However, we wish now to perfect the material by controlling the pore size so that not only cells, but also growth factors can attach and further enhance the repair process. The project on which this undergraduate student would work will involve devising various mixtures of the nano calcium sulfate and materials like fibrin or alginate to create pores and then analyzing the ability of these systems to support osteoblastic cell attachment and growth. The techniques will employ scanning electoron microscopy as well as cell culturing techniques. In addition the project could entila placement of the material in a bony defect in animal models and assessing bone regeneration using microCt analyses. This aspect of the project would involve CT scanning techniques and developing of a system of measurement of the bone volume.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Dentistry, Biology, Chemistry
Student Skill-Set Needed: Basic biology, chemistry, computer skills
Compensation: Academic Credit, Volunteer, Work Study
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Rosemary Dziak
Department: Oral Biology
Office: 320 Foster Hall
Phone: 829-3827