Student working on a research project.

How Transmitters Activate Fetal Acetylcholine Receptors

The neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) provides more energy for activation in fetal vs adult neuromuscular ACh receptors. The goal of this project is to identify which parts of the fetal protein provide this boost. Fetal AChRs have a gamma subunit whereas adult AChRs have an epsilon subunit. The applicant will mutate amino acids in the gamma subunit and use single-channel patch clamp electrophysiology to identify the source of the extra energy from the neurotransmitter.

Research Project Information

Student Skill-Set Needed: The candidate has successfully performed patch clamp recordings of single channels, tissue culture and transfection techniques and is able to estimate energies from the kinetic data.
Compensation: Volunteer
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Anthony Auerbach
Title: Professor
Department: Physiology And Biophysics