Student working on a research project.

SBI Undergraduate Legal Research Program

The SBI Undergraduate Legal Research Program is a 3-credit undergraduate elective undertaken as an independent study through the Millard Fillmore College. As such, a minimum time commitment of four (4) to six (6) hours a week is required. The program runs sessions each fall and spring term, and students can apply in April for the fall term, and in October for the spring term. Please see for further information, or call the Legal Assistance Office at 716-645-3056. Each semester, SBI seeks to provide approximately six (6) competitively-selected undergraduate students with an introduction to legal research, analysis, and writing conventions while producing useful informational pamphlets for the SBI Legal Assistance Office. These pamphlets, tailored to the UB student body (e.g. Landlord Tenant Issues, DWI Facts, Fair Lending Laws, etc.), may be posted on the SBI webpage and/or distributed to your fellow students at orientations and educational seminars. Past the pamphlet writing, a concise educational program and select tutorials will provide instruction in basic legal research, doctrinal topics in law, and the U.S. legal system. These sessions are taught and/or coordinated by law school professors, legal research librarians, and current UB law students. Law school class visits, legal seminar attendance, and assistance with case briefing are also arranged. As the capstone project, Researchers will generate a brief research paper on a legal topic of their choice in coordination with the Program Manager. The Manager will work with the students throughout the semester on developing their topic, outline, and sources. In addition to the Program Manager, each student is assigned a current UB law student as a mentor. This position will develop the student's skills in research and writing while allowing for close coordination with law students and attorneys in a not-for-profit environment. Candidates for this internship should have some experience with academic and/or professional research, but no specific job history or academic major is required for consideration. A syllabus is handed-out providing deadlines and rubric for all assignments after a final selection of all interns has been made. Office space and computer access can be provided, but the Researcher can work independently from a home office or the UB libraries. Once again, if you are interested, registration for the Fall term opens in April of each year, and registration for the Spring term opens in October of each year. Applications consist of a cover letter, resume, and academic transcript sent to the Program Manager during open application periods.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Law, Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice, History, Political Science
Student Skill-Set Needed: Must be a registered UB undergraduate student in at least the sophomore year of study.
Compensation: Academic Credit
Available: Fall, Spring


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Michael Charles Cimasi
Title: Other
Affiliation: Director, SBI Legal Assistance Office
Department: Law School
Office: 315 Student Union
Phone: 716-645-8621