Student working on a research project.

The Economic And Social Empowerment Foundation Inc. (ESEF)

This research project focuses on the establishment of the Economic and Social Empowerment Foundation Inc. (ESEF) as a nonprofit organization that will provide microcredit financing to low-income entrepreneurs in the Buffalo region. The initial clientele for ESEF will concentrate on the refugee population who reside in the west-side of Buffalo; however, there is intent within the design for future expansion and accommodation for the inclusion of low-income entrepreneurs overall. These low-income refugees are interested in entrepreneurship but face a lack of funding options. Without credit history, it is difficult for these would-be entrepreneurs to borrow startup capital from financial institutions. As a work-in-progress, this project has helped promoted the International West Bazaar and intends to provide microcredit options through establishment of self-sufficiency economic models that will increase productivity instead of reliance; thus promoting these individuals as active members of the Buffalo community. In addition, the ESEF organization will provide business training to these individuals who are still adapting to U.S. government procedures with regards to taxation and business regulations.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Applied Economics, Finance, School of Management
Student Skill-Set Needed: Graduate or Undergraduate students with degrees/majors in the School of Management, Economics, and Urban Studies are preferred. All majors may apply. Excellent research skills. Comfortable with computation. Prior knowledge in economic development and int
Compensation: Academic Credit, Possible Internship Credit
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Dr. Hodan Isse
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Management
Office: 242 Jacaobs Hall
Phone: (716)645-3293