Student working on a research project.

Role Of The Innate Immune System In The Neurotoxic Effects Of Ethanol

This project will test the hypothesis that ethanol alters the various activation states of microglia. For these studies the BV2 microglia cell line will be exposed to various stimuli (e.g., pesticides, LPS, ATP, interferon, interleukins) in the presence and absence of ethanol. Parameters to be measured include cell viability, nitric oxide production, arginase activity, and levels of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Pharmacology, Toxicology, Neuroscience, Immunology
Student Skill-Set Needed: Science major with an excellent academic record
Compensation: Volunteer
Available: Spring, Summer


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Richard A Rabin
Title: Professor
Department: Pharmacology And Toxicology
Office: 132 Farber Hall
Phone: 829-3286