Student working on a research project.

Project Mist

Project Mists invites visual storytellers (video artists, scenographers, theatre technicians and emerging designers) to collectively explore how Niagara Falls, ITSELF, can become a living museum through lighting, sound, projected imagery and film. The project asks artists to create graphics, sculpture, extreme garments, environments, lighting effects, and soundscapes inspired by the POWER and POETRY of Niagara Falls. It asks theatre technicians to apply their tools to the design and execution of outdoor installations. As the museum’s stories are told from the perspective of cultures that have deep rooted historical presence in the region (African-American, American, British, Canadian, and Native American), the project invites historians to function as dramaturges in the creation of story theatre. The proposed museum includes a central film, a new lighting design for the falls, and five art installations that reveal the history of the area through the voices of visual storytellers.

Through Project Mist, the University at Buffalo community will gain a greater understanding of our immediate “border” as Canadian and American artists explore the history of the Niagara Falls region through experimental collaboration. It is the intent of the UB creative team, led by principal investigator Lynne Koscielniak, to actualize finished ideas. A detailed, theoretical, proposal will be used to seek funding to realize the project in its entirety.

Student researchers are invited to actively participate in experiments intended to test artistic ideas and technological applications relating to museum components. Student researchers should specify an area of interest from the following: execution and documentation of experimental collaboration, visual storytelling through scenographic practice, sustainable and energy efficient lighting systems, production dramaturgy, and research in stage technologies and their application to outdoor installations.

Students must be able to participate in a charrette held on April 28-29, 2012 in both Niagara Falls, Canada and at UB. The charrette is sponsored by Canadian-American Studies Committee and allows artists from Brock University in St. Catherine’s Ontario to meet with the UB artists and technicians in person. Through the UB Department of Design and Technology blog, as well as blog mini c, international readership will receive project updates and research reports. Student researchers are required to keep a written journal. Student participants need a valid passport or enhanced license.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Theatre Design & Technology, Media Study, Canadian Studies
Student Skill-Set Needed: Ability to work independently, ability to collaborate, visual storytelling ability, creative problem solving, & basic knowledge of theatre technology
Compensation: Volunteer
Available: Spring


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Lynne Koscielniak
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Theatre And Dance
Office: 186 Alumni Arena
Phone: 716-645-0574