Student working on a research project.

COPES: Characteristics Of Obese Patients Evaluated For Surgery

In collaboration with Dr. Ron Lelito, a counseling/health psychologist in Buffalo, Dr. Anderson and the PULSE Research Team will be examining characteristics of obese patients evaluated for bariatric surgery. Data from several thousand patients will be coded and entered into a secure database. We are interested in correlational and descriptive studies related to the psychological and behavioral characteristics of these patients. We are especially interested in social history factors such as trauma and whether or not those particular obese patients may exhibit exacerbated symptoms. We are looking for new members of our research team who may wish to help with data entry, management, future analysis, and publication/presentation. Students with future publication interests should note this in their research assistant application. The PULSE Research Team applications can be found on Dr. Anderson's faculty webpage: *Please contact Dr. Anderson with any questions at PULSE@BUFFALO.EDU or LAURAAND@BUFFALO.EDU

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Sociology/Social Work, Public Health, Nursing, Statistics, Pre-Med
Student Skill-Set Needed: Data entry and management interests, Computing skills - esp. spreadsheet management and rapid data entry, Responsible, Enthusiastic, Detail-oriented, Willing to learn, Ability to travel to medical office site, Interest in future presentation and/or public
Compensation: Academic Credit, Volunteer, Work Study, Future compensation possible
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Dr. Laura Anderson
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Nursing
Office: 421 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1125