Student working on a research project.

IACE International Creative Research Lab

IACE-International Artistic & Cultural Exchange. The UB Department of Theatre & Dance is home to the IACE Program. Since its inception in 1994, IACE fosters a better understanding of multicultural heritages by researching, producing and presenting thought provoking, critical, innovative and interactive performing arts programs. In a striking approach generated by Founding Director Maria S. Horne, IACE brings artists from around the world to our university, promotes interdisciplinary activities within UB, makes possible for UB to participate in renowned international events, and extends the dialogue into the community on a multitude of levels. IACE has made possible for the Department of Theatre & Dance to participate in over a dozen international festivals, providing students with international learning experiences and UB faculty with multicultural research and development opportunities. Numerous delegations of our IACE Creative Research Team have recurrently represented UB in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece, France, Mexico, Romania,Spain, and the United States. IACE's Creative Research Lab current project will travel to Valleyfield/Montreal, Canada, to participate at a renowned international university theatre festival, from April 16-22, 2012, with the purpose of presenting its creative research to international peers. Student researchers will also benefit from feedback, workshops, and attendance to performances from peers from around the world.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Theatre & Dance, Media, Music, Art, Creative Writing, Arts Management, Interdisciplinary
Student Skill-Set Needed: Theatre & Dance major preferable but not exclusive, good academic standing, interested in internationalization and performing arts, valid passport
Compensation: Academic Credit
Available: Spring


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Maria S. Horne
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Theatre And Dance
Office: 285 Alumni Arena
Phone: 716-645-0580