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Theoretical Physics

Prof Surajit Sen has broad interests that span fundamental and applied problems in nonlinear and statistical physics, study of conflicts and battles, social systems, etc. He came to UB in 1993. He enjoys teaching freshman level classes. He has published some 160 refereed papers, has a patent on acoustic detection of landmines, and has edited 4 volumes. He lectures widely on his work. His accomplishments have been recognized by his election as a Fellow of the American Physical Society (2008) and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2012). He is also deeply interested in ways to effectively teach physics to the uninitiated.

Prof Sen enjoys working with students at all levels. He has mentored 17 PhD students, 3 MS students, advises 4 PhD currently and has mentored some 30+ undergrads over the years. Some of these students have gone on to become professors at MIT, Stanford, etc. One requirement for working in Professor Sen's group is to know some computing and some basic physics. Freshman, unless exceptionally well prepared, are typically not quite ready for much of the work done in the group.

His current interests are on fundamental problems involving the properties of solitary waves and how they interact. He is also interested in problems associated with shock mitigation, and shock transport in gases and dust flow dynamics.
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Disciplines: Physics
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer


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Faculty Member: Surajit Sen
Department: Physics