Student working on a research project.

Development Of Scaffolds To Improve Cell Function In The Oral Cavity

Dental implant failure is a major health and economic concern. One problem leading to dental implant placement failure is the lack of formation of a strong soft- tissue seal and bone attachment. We are working to develop an gel containing scaffold to improve cell attachment. In this project, we will aim to characterize different element-containing scaffolds and their ability to affect oral gingival epithelium and fibroblast cell function and potential antibacterial properties. This projects also has potential for translation to other implant systems (such as joint) in the future.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: microbiology, tissue engineering, immunology, dentistry, oral biology, chemistry
Student Skill-Set Needed: Laboratory experience desired but not required. Students should have basic biology or biomedical understanding
Compensation: Academic Credit, Volunteer, Work Study
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Michelle Visser
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Oral Biology
Office: Foster Hall, Room 320
Phone: 829-3943