Student working on a research project.

The PULSE Healthy Weight Research Team (PHWRT)

Multi-disciplinary research team dedicated to developing, testing, and implementing/disseminating evidence-based interventions for healthy weight promotion. All of our programs/interventions focus on behavior and lifestyle modifications that do NOT feel like dieting to patients. Lots of social support built in, and many potential clinical opportunities for students will be available over time. Participation on the PULSE Healthy Weight Research team will also give you social support from other students, co- and peer mentoring, and regular exposure to other studies and projects happening on the team. Please contact Dr. Anderson in order to obtain an RA application. (Selective process for team admission with an active wait-list.)

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Nursing, Pre-Med, Social Work, Nursing, Psychology, Mental Health, Addictions, Counseling, Public Health, Nutrition
Student Skill-Set Needed: Interest, motivation, initiative, and good social/people skills; Minimum GPA 3.0 recommended; RA application and interview required
Compensation: Academic Credit, Salary / Stipend, Volunteer
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Dr. Laura Anderson
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Nursing
Office: 205 Wende Hall
Phone: 716-829-3461