Student working on a research project.

Municipal Organics Recycling: Research Opportunity

Organics in the waste stream are a resource which can be utilized for both energy production and as a soil amendment. Currently this resource is begin squandered by landfilling organics which results in not only the loss of the usable resource but when organics decompose anaerobically, the greenhouse gas methane is produced and released to the atmosphere. Recycling of organics is an area of growing municipal and private interest. Research will be conducted to assess best methods for implementing a municipal organics recycling collection program and tracking a pilot program to determine the efficacy of that program.

Engage in community-based research to address issues of solid waste management with this research opportunity.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: environmental design
Student Skill-Set Needed: ability to work independently, knowledge of municipal recycling programs
Compensation: Academic Credit, Work Study
Available: Fall, Summer


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Samina Raja
Title: Professor
Department: Urban And Regional Planning
Office: 233 Hayes Hall
Phone: 7168642874