Student working on a research project.

Optogenetics Applications In Stem Cell Research

Our lab is looking for an undergraduate assistant for a research project involving Optogenetics. This project involves studying gene expression and protein-protein interactions using custom made novel nanophotonic device. The assistant will be required to perform several wet lab techniques such as stem cell culture, plasmid transfection, microscopy, etc. Prior experience of some or all of these techniques is preferred.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Molecular and Cellular Biology, Optogenetics, Biophotonics
Student Skill-Set Needed: Ability to work independently, participate and present in lab meetings, experience working in wet lab, knowledge/experience at performing cell culture, transfection, microscopy is preferred.
Compensation: Academic Credit, Volunteer, Work Study
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Yongho Bae
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Pathology And Anatomical Sciences
Office: 311 Farber (South Campus)
Phone: 716-829-3523