Student working on a research project.

Laboratory And Sample Logistics

My research group examines the effects of environmental exposures, primarily toxic metals like lead or arsenic, on child cognition, behavior and learning. We measure exposure to metals through biomarkers--the concentrations of metals in biological samples like urine, blood and hair. The biological samples are collected at our research site and then shipped to a biobank facility for long-term storage and management. Having an understanding of the exact type, number, and amount of samples, as well as their precise location in biobank freezers is critical to the timely and smooth shipment of samples to collaborating laboratories, as well as the planning of future analyses and studies. This is a great opportunity for a student interested in learning how laboratory skills and database management apply to public health research and practice. A research assistant in laboratory and sample logistics would: -Sort existing samples--place samples into special boxes, aliquot samples into smaller tubes as needed, label tubes and boxes with a bar code. -Create a database in Access to maintain an inventory of the samples.οΎ  -Enter sample information into the database (ID, sample type, tube size, approximate sample volume or size). -Link the samples to a consent form determining whether sample can be used in analyses unrelated to original study aims. --As needed, help with preparing and dispatching, as well as receiving domestic and international sample shipments.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: Public Health, Environmental Health, Biology, Ecology, Pharmacology, Computer Science
Student Skill-Set Needed: Laboratory experience with sample handling and storage, aliquoting, pipetting. Experience with Access or another database, programming. Thoroughness and attention to detail are essential. Students from any discipline possessing these skills are encouraged
Compensation: Academic Credit
Available: Spring


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Katarzyna Kordas
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Epidemiology And Environmental Health