Student working on a research project.

The Effects Of Graphic Design On Socioeconomic Status

After last year’s research “The Effects of Package Design on Consumers: How Designers Target Traditional Gender Roles” we chose to further research graphic design’s impact on target audiences. Design impacts socioeconomic status in a variety of ways, particularly through package design. This year we have chosen to implement a survey that will reveal how perceived socioeconomic status affects buying trends as well as how design influences purchasing habits within these classes. This survey will give us data on actual versus perceived socioeconomic status and how this influences the habits of particular demographics and individual consumers. In reviewing this data, based on our knowledge of graphic design, we will have a more in-depth view of how designers target socioeconomic class structures. We hope to expose the tendency on how companies ignore lower class consumers through a lack of design and create an illusion of luxury for higher end products. We are presenting an infographic poster that shows the data in a simplified manner so all audiences can understand our research as well as appreciate the poster as an art work.

Research Project Information

Disciplines: art, graphic design, marketing
Student Skill-Set Needed: Ability to use Adobe Creative Suite 6, data analysis skills, ability to work in a group environment
Compensation: Volunteer
Available: Spring


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Renee Ruffino
Title: Other
Department: Arts And Science