Research tools.

Find a Research Opportunity

Many UB academic departments and affiliated institutes offer research opportunities for undergraduate students. The research duties and responsibilities as well as type of research (e.g. laboratory versus experimental) can vary. Visit the links below to find research opportunities available on campus.

Some tips to keep in mind as you look for a research opportunity:

  • Develop a professional resume. Career Services has resources available to assist you with this.
  • Assess your goals in gaining research experience. Be sure you have a genuine interest in research and in the individual projects that you pursue.
  • Network with your current and past professors, TAs, RAs and friends and classmates, especially if they have been involved in research. They can be wonderful sources of information.
  • Some other places to look for research opportunities include UB’s News Center (you may consider contacting the principal investigator on a project that interests you), departmental bulletin boards, and the Prehealth Bulletin.

1) Find a research opportunity on campus

Visit CURCA’s Research Opportunity Database to find research opportunities that are currently available to undergraduate students. Be sure to check back often as these are continuously being updated.

2) View a listing of faculty research interests and research centers

Don’t see a project in our database that interests you? Check out departmental websites to learn about UB faculty research interests and find a potential mentor who is engaged in research in which you are interested.

3) View past student projects

See what other undergraduate students have done in the past. If you find a project that interests you, contact the faculty mentor to see if there are opportunities available for you to become involved in something similar.

4) Find a summer and/or national research opportunity

Interested in doing research off-campus or over the summer? There are many options available to you as an undergraduate student. Begin to explore these opportunities here.

Last updated: June 14, 2019 3:48 pm EST