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  • Project Title: Assessment of an Encapsulated Dosage Form for Oral Administration 18-F-2D2-flurodeoxyglucose and Biodistribution of 18-F-2D2-flurodeoxyglucose Administered by Gavage in a Rat Model
  • Major: PharmD
  • Class Year: 2007

Tyler’s research taught him critical thinking, planning, and teamwork

After I completed my undergraduate program, I attended pharmacy school at UB and continued my research. After graduation with my PharmD, I moved to Key West, Florida and worked in a community pharmacy. Seeking a bigger challenge, I left that job and currently I am the manager and supervising pharmacist at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, NY.

“I was surprised and enriched by the amount of planning and teamwork that occurs during research activities.”

Undergraduate research helped me get to my current position by teaching me critical thinking, planning, and teamwork. While critical thinking is a self-evident part of research, I was surprised and enriched by the amount of planning and teamwork that occurs during research activities. Research is more about waiting, planning, and scheduling, than it is about high-paced scientific discoveries. Learning the patience and humility to work within this process was a valuable lesson. Pushing harder doesn’t get things done, it only makes people mad and things move slower. While the image of the researcher is a lab coat clad person alone in a lab, research is truly a team effort. Many different departments need to come together to make the “magic” happen. From the facilities staff that care for the building and the machines, to different scientific disciplines, to the staff that get the grants and donations that keep the lights on; all parties have a valuable role to play. The skills of critical thinking, planning, and teamwork helped me in pharmacy school and helped me attain my current position.

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