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Our research developed the control and monitoring systems for the NASA RASC-AL Robo-Ops Rover. This included a mixed signal design controlling an Arduino monitoring system through a host computer over a 4G LTE link.

“The opportunities are endless once you realize you are in control of your career.”

I am now a Hardware Development Engineer after completing a Leadership Development Program for Sensus.

My role is in R&D, which stands for research and development. My experience through CURCA helped me become a better researcher by learning how to apply research to a practical application. The process began with identifying the requirements of our system, and what options were possible for rapid prototyping on a strict budget. This leads to the development aspects where a deliverable is required for the research effort. From a report and presentation to a finished or prototyped product, CURCA exercised all aspects of a real world development role. In the end we were lucky enough to fully implement the delivered hardware and software at a competition which makes the work even more rewarding.

This experience has influenced the success I work to achieve in my current role. This work was also completed as a team with mentors, which is also critical to the development process. My current role is on a team with various leaders and mentors from different backgrounds with a diverse set of experiences. The work achieved on the project was important at the time, but the lessons learned are what make the opportunity invaluable. Thank you to my teammates William Dell’Anno, Livio Forte, Mitchell Rathbun, UB Space Bulls and to our mentors Jennifer Zirnheld and Kevin Burke. It takes a lot of dedicated individuals to build a strong team.

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