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Submit a Research Opportunity

Faculty are encouraged to post undergraduate research and creative activity opportunities on the CURCA website so that students can easily find opportunities that interest them. Once they find a position they are interested in, students should then contact you directly to discuss their interest in the position. It is left to your discretion to engage an individual student on the project.

To post an opportunity:

  • Fill out the necessary fields in the online form below. Do not copy and paste your text from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as this will not display properly on the website. Please re-type the information into the web form.
  • Please be as specific as possible in describing both the research project itself and the desired student qualifications. Students are advised to do their "research on the research" so that they come to you informed about the project. To this end, it is helpful to provide students with specifics about the project and if possible, a link to your personal or project website.
  • Students sometimes look at research opportunity postings as interdisciplinary opportunities. Engineering majors might look at Theater & Dance postings to see where their skills and interests might be applicable, Nursing majors might look at a Psychology posting, and so on. So, while student qualifications might be very specific for some postings, please do note that terms such as “any major” or “serious applicants from any discipline” are also very inviting terms to use on the form below.
  • While some opportunities may be very specific in describing the desired skill set or qualifications for applicants, CURCA does not allow for qualifications to be exclusionary in nature. While you can require that a student must have completed Statistics 214 or Molecular Biology with the lab for example, a requirement cannot be limiting to a student support program (ELN students only, McNair Scholars only, Honors College members only, etc.). The skill set requirements can be limiting in nature, but cannot exclude the general campus body based on membership in an academic support organization or program. Please only list the skill set required, not barriers to applying based on a student support program affiliation.

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Field reserved for projects with UB public/private partnerships only. If applicable, list affiliated entity here i.e. Microsoft, Dupont, Dell, etc.
Opportunity Description
Add either "Faculty profile URL" or "Laboratory website URL"
Comma separated list of disciplines this opportunity would most likely fall under (i.e. Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Biomedical Engineering, etc.).
Comma separated list of skills a student would need for this position (i.e. Ability to work independently, Web programming, Speak German, etc.).
(Granted through your department with 498/499 credit. See Granting Students 498/499 Credit for more information.)
(Paid from faculty member's grant or research budget.)
(For eligible students. See Hiring Student Using Work Study Dollars for more information.)

Opportunities will be reviewed by the CURCA staff and approved within 24-48 hours of submission. Once approved, they will be live on the CURCA website. Please email UB-CURCA@buffalo.edu if/when position is filled or in the event that you would like to have the posting changed or removed so that we can reflect that on the website.

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