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Granting Students 498/499 Credit

From the Undergraduate Catalog:

“The University at Buffalo recognizes the importance of opportunities for students to integrate the material that they have learned during their time at UB and to participate in faculty research and other practical experiences. A distinctive aspect of undergraduate education at UB is the opportunity for students to work closely with faculty who are actively engaged in research and scholarship. Significant opportunities for participation in UB’s local and regional public service mission are available through fieldwork, practica, internships, and related learning activities. As such, the following course numbers are reserved for special opportunities.

“Many of these opportunities are considered to be tutorial coursework, conducted individually with a faculty member. The integrity of the degrees granted by UB requires that a substantial portion of the 120 credits of coursework required for these degrees be completed in lecture, seminar, and/or laboratory courses which have been reviewed and approved by appropriate faculty committees; therefore, no more than 18 credits of tutorial coursework can count toward the credits required for graduation with a bachelor’s degree.”

498 Undergraduate Research

Students collaborate with faculty mentors on an ongoing faculty research or creative activity project, or conduct independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. This experience provides students with an inquiry-based learning opportunity and engages them as active learners in a research or creative activity setting. Either the student’s own project or the faculty member’s project to which the student is contributing should utilize the methods for creating new knowledge that are recognized in the field and should result in a unique contribution to the field of knowledge.

499 Independent Study

Students have the option of individualized student work under the guidance of a faculty member. Independent Study courses are intended to pursue topics that are not currently offered through regular coursework at UB. In some cases, independent study may be the focal point in the design of an individual program. In others, it may merely add desired depth or breadth to a student’s formal degree program. To enroll in independent study, students must identify a member of the faculty or appropriate professional staff member willing to sponsor their work and gain approval of the appropriate department.

If your department already has 498/499 courses established:

  • Speak to your department scheduler and ask him or her to schedule the 498/499 course for the semester in question.
  • Provide your department scheduler with the student(s)’ information and he or she will register the student in the course.

If your department does not already have 498/499 courses established:

***Please note: Independent study and undergraduate research registration procedures can vary by department. Please check with your department’s administrative staff to see if additional forms or permissions are required prior to registration.

Hiring Students Using Work Study Dollars

  1. Verify that the student you want to hire as a research assistant is eligible for Work Study. The student will have an “Original Appointment Form” which is printed on blue letterhead.
  2. Fill out the appropriate sections on the Appointment Form, listing yourself as the supervisor.
  3. Have the student complete the W-4 federal tax form and the IT-2104 state tax forms.
  4. Fill out the I-9 Form with the student and make a copy of the student’s passport, or driver’s license and social security card.
  5. Have the student fill out the Direct Deposit form, if desired.
  6. Submit the Original Appointment Form, W-4, IT-2104, and I-9 (with copies of ID) to 120 Crofts Hall.
  7. Thereafter, the student will log his or her hours worked using an online timesheet and you must approve the student’s timesheet online (go to College Work-Study page, click on Supervisors Webpage, then click on Supervisors Timesheet Approval Page) on a bi-weekly basis so that he or she will receive his or her paychecks.

**Please refer to the College Work-Study for Supervisors for additional details on how to hire a work-study eligible student for undergraduate research.

Some things to note:

  • Students cannot be paid Work Study dollars over the summer (July and August). They are eligible for Work Study beginning the first day of classes.
  • International students are not eligible for Work Study.
  • The starting pay rate for Work Study is $10.40 an hour.
  • Students are allotted a certain number of Work Study dollars for the entire academic year. They cannot work over this allotment. If they do exceed their Work Study funding, the additional payment to the student will be drawn from the faculty member’s departmental or laboratory budget.
  • Additional forms can be located on UB’s Human Resources website (click on “Hiring Packet” in the right column).

For additional questions or concerns about hiring a student using Work Study, please contact:

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