Student working on a research project.

Design Of Morphing Aircraft Structures

This project aims at developing a morphing air vehicle. Students will be required to design a set of wings that can actuate continuously and provide flexible shape change to enable aero-servo-elastic interaction studies and improve flight performance by bringing about a reduction in the induced drag. An alternate goal of this research is to produce an unmanned air vehicle that can demonstrate suppression of flow induced structural vibrations. The students will start from the nominal UAV design available at the Aerospace Robotics laboratory and work by modifying the wing structures. Piezo, SMA and other smart materials will be investigated as potential actuators.

Research Project Information

Student Skill-Set Needed: MAE Juniors, Seniors preferred.
Compensation: Academic Credit, Volunteer, Work Study
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer


For further information on this opportunity, or to apply, contact:

Faculty Member: Manoranjan Majji
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering
Office: 318 Jarvis Hall