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Staff Profiles

Office Staff

Timothy Tryjankowski

Timothy Tryjankowski


Email: tat@buffalo.edu

2016 marked my 21st year working at UB in university administration. Whether you have a question on a research opportunity related to your interests or any other general university questions, I am available to help you navigate your way as you enjoy your undergraduate years here at the University at Buffalo. In 2003, we launched CURCA and the growth and increased depth of our programs has been wonderful. Students engaged in mentored research realize higher GPAs, stronger resumes and increased success in career offers and professional school acceptances. In addition to CURCA, I serve on the Executive Board of the Professional Staff Senate, the SUNY-wide Faculty Senate Undergraduate Education Committee, and I maintain professional affiliations with The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and the Re-Invention Center. I look forward to assisting you in pursuing a meaningful research or creative experience while you attend UB.

Meghan lipinoga

Graduate Assistant

Email: prov.mllipino@provost.buffalo.edu

I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration at the University at Buffalo. I am available by email or by appointment to help students find undergraduate research opportunities, apply for research awards and funding, and to answer questions regarding undergraduate research at the University at Buffalo. Please use me as a resource to enhance your undergraduate experience at UB!

$500 Award Review Committee

  • Dr. Diane Christian, Distinguished Teaching Professor, English
  • Dr. Tracy Gregg, Associate Professor, Geology
  • Dr. Amy Hequembourg, Senior Research Scientist, Research Institute on Addictions
  • Dr. Peter Horvath, Associate Professor, School of Public Health and Health Professions, Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, School of Nursing
  • Dr. James Jensen, Professor, Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering
  • Dr. Kris Schindler, Associate Professor,Computer Science and Engineering

Research Ambassadors

Tori Gosy is a 4th year biomedical science major, pharmacology/toxicology minor and will be graduating in May 2017. After transferring universities following her sophomore year, Tori was looking to get involved in research at UB. She turned to the user-friendly CURCA website and is currently working on a project with Dr. Wilma Hofmann in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics that involves identification of the nuclear export signal of the myosin IC protein. Her research involvement has allowed career development in that she has had the opportunity to present at several forums, and she loves working with students looking to get involved!

Matthew Falcone is a senior pursuing a double major Bachelor's Degree in Environmental and Civil Engineering. Matthew's research on sustainable solar thermal drinking water disinfection for low-resource regions began during his sophomore year. He supplemented his research by traveling to Tanzania, where he learned firsthand about the cultural implications of the global water crisis. These experiences led Matthew to develop an independent research project on the Feasibility of the Parabolic Solar Trough for Drinking Water Disinfection. During his junior year, he was awarded a CURCA Grant to further develop his research, and has since presented at various events, including the SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference at Cobleskill and the University at Buffalo Celebration of Academic Excellence. The design and analysis of the parabolic solar trough is the focus of Matthew's intended Undergraduate Honors Thesis.

Tory Lebaron is a civil engineering major at UB who will graduate in 2018. She has previously worked on a research project on the development of a device that would prevent archeological site theft by detecting metal detectors and triggering an alarm.

Kun Woo Cho is a computer engineering major at UB. She is a research intern for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, under the direction of Professor Wenyao Xu. KC has participated in the SUNY STEM Research Passport Program and the National Science Foundation (NSF) REU Program. Her experiences along with the support of CURCA have led her to present her research findings internationally at the IEEE International Conference on Identity, Security and Behavior Analysis in Sendai, Japan. KC plans to continue getting involved in research opportunities before graduating in May 2018.

Megan Corcoran is a senior chemistry and geology major who will be graduating in May 2017. During her sophomore and junior year she worked in the Paleoclimate Lab with Dr. Jason Briner studying the methodology of berryllium-10 surface exposure dating. She is currently working on her senior thesis with Dr. Elizabeth Thomas in the Organic Geochemistry Lab.

Gavin Guild is a geology and geography major at UB who will be graduating in May 2017. Gavin has conducted CURCA sponsored research under the supervision of Dr. Jason Briner focusing on The Geologic History of Western New York.

Adam Gulkarov is a biology major at UB. Adam has participated in research involving The Role Of The Kidney In Acid-base Balance under the direction of Mark Parker. Adam will graduate from UB in May 2017.

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